Project Time!

Having left or sold most of our furniture in the states because we were unsure about how much space would be available to us, we had to make do with odds and ends and really ugly furniture. I brought along a few key pieces that I intend to re-paint while we are here, but because I was very il last year, I still haven’t started.

We have been saving our money for a whole year and are now able to buy a lot of new items.  Seriously, we haven’t had a new sofa since 2002! In fact, I think the last time I actually bought new (not new us–brand new) furniture was in 2007 when I purchased our bedroom furniture. Though I did love my sofa and love seat set, I am glad that I left them in the states–there is no way they would fit well into our current space.

We turned to Ikea because the prices are good, the quality is good, and whatever we buy for this space should fit in our next home.

These are just a couple of mood boards that I worked up using Oliboard.

First up we have the general “bones” of my office space.

Ikea Office

Ikea Office

Next up is the Ikea Living Room

Mostly Ikea Living Room

Mostly Ikea Living Room

Over the next few weeks I will be posting bits and pieces of the progress and will hopefully have a full reveal in May.

Hope you all have a happy week!


6 responses to “Project Time!

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  2. Hi, really fun to see the over-familiar Ikea items and colors in your post! So nice to have a project in the house and really see results ! And as for hubbies not liking going into the big blue box – familiar as well 🙂

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Soon I will have lots of posts up featuring the Ikea inspired rooms. I just made a huge haul yesterday with sofas, Billy bookcases, Hemnes items, and the remaining portion of my desk. The fun part has begun!

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      • Ah, Hemnes; the classy section of Ikea! I have a lot of plastic boxes, forgot their name. And of course the Trofast-seriews for all of our Lego 🙂 And probably a zillion more items. Enjoy decorating and assembling!

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  3. Moving can be so mentally and physical draining but to me it is always kind of exciting because you have a blank new canvas to create on. Love your boards! You are going to make your new space beautiful!

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