Family Life

My husband and I have been married since 1996 and have two beautiful children who are soon to be 15 and 17 years old–I refer to them as Thing One (my 17 year old daughter) and Thing Two (my 15 year old son). What can I say? We love Dr. Seuss!

The husband will be known on the blog as SGT. When we met at Fullerton Community College, he was in the California National Guard. He re-enlisted to Active Duty Army in 2006. It’s been a crazy life since he joined the Army. Our first duty station was in Fort Riley, Kansas where I earned the title of Mil Spouse. We then moved to Fort Carson, Colorado where we purchased our very first home (a.k.a. The Pennington House). Since then, I have learned a lot about home improvement and DIY. It has since become more than a hobby–it’s my passion!

We also have two dogs, Liberty and Maggie. They bring plenty of love and joy to our little home and I can’t imagine a life without them. Liberty is 8 and Maggie, the baby, is 2 years old.

Army Life

Being an Army wife means being independent. It’s a good thing that I was raised to survive on my own! I’ve learned how to use power tools, change electrical fixtures, and build things on my own. It’s great to have him home when I need heavy-lifting done, but even that I’ve had to accomplish with the help of the kids. Currently, he is not in a deployable job, so when he isn’t working, SGT is checking items off of the honey-do list.

Speaking of deployments, we’ve been through three of them. We’ve done plenty of TDY (that’s when the soldier has to leave for training) as well. I’ve seen so many marriages torn apart by the Army life, but we’ve somehow managed to be stronger and even more in love because it.

We are currently living in Germany. Sounds glamorous and exciting right? Well, it is and it isn’t. We have found that living abroad comes with many ups and downs, but we make the most of it. Traveling is not as cheap as it once was, and neither is the US dollar! We have been here for just over a year now, and may end up going back to the states next year if things go as we hope. We have about 8-10 more years of Army life ahead of us–which means about 2-3 more duty stations. I can’t wait to see where we will end up next!

All About Me

I am a woman of many interests.

I am currently finishing up my BA in English and will eventually pursue my Master’s degree. I love reading the classics, poetry, and essays. I also love history. Writing is another passion of mine.

I love photography as well. I’m always taking pictures, which drives Things One and Two nuts. If I see something interesting I must stop and photograph it!

I am a crafter. I love to alter ordinary objects into something beautiful. I love to get my hands dirty with paint and glue.

I am an avid DIYer. I grew up somewhat poor, so my dad was always turning some curb-side piece of furniture into something fabulous. He taught me the art of sanding, painting, and staining furniture. My dad–the big, tough, truck driver–also taught me how to sew. We couldn’t afford new outfits for my Barbies, so he taught me how to make them from fabric scraps. Where he learned to sew, I have no idea, but it is a fond memory and a great skill to have. He also taught me how to change a flat tire, check the fluids in my car, lay tile, and change plumbing fixtures. We even built a custom jacuzzi in our backyard. We built a small cowboy town and an Indian village using found objects, rocks, and twigs. I wish I had a picture of it. We also built an in-ground swimming pool for my barbies. My father taught me the value of doing it yourself. I still remember the model ships he built, complete with spice bags and cargo boxes.

I’ve learned a lot about DIY on my own as well. I’ve had plenty of failures and some successes. But I never quit. SGT says I’m like a dog with a bone–I won’t give up until I’ve finished it. Trial and error is the best way to learn. On this blog I will share the failures along with the successes. If my mistakes can prevent someone else from having to make the same mistake, I’ll share it.

I look forward to sharing my projects with you. So sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and lets discuss all things DIY!


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